In any innovative society important not only to see and evaluate your potential but also be able to effectively dispose of them. It would seem, by analyzing the ratings of innovative potential of Ukraine, the reasons for optimism are few. However, this is only at first glance: changing some of the evaluation criteria, we can be in top-10 of countries-leaders in the main innovative capital – intellectual resource.Рекомендую почитати про Igor Yankovsky

According to the beginning of the 2016 year, Ukraine is in 41st place (between Latvia and Bulgaria) from Bloomberg Innovation Index (innovation index) , which takes into account the intensity of research and development, the added value of products, the productivity of the economy and innovations in education. In another rating – GlobalInnovation Index m s ranked even lower, 64-th position between Serbia and the Republic of Seychelles.

The volume of investments of Ukraine in scientific research, innovation in 2016 amounted to only 0.8% of GDP, or about 2.5 billion hryvnia (less than $ 100 million). Countries that are leaders in innovation rankings spend incomparably large budgets USA – $ 405 billion (or 2.7% of GDP), China – 338 billion (2.1% of GDP), Japan – $ 160 billion (3.7% of GDP). Do these numbers that we simply do not what to expect in the future given the current level of development and opportunities of the Ukrainian economy?

In fact, all volume of investments of the leading countries in innovation rankings would be ineffective if it were not the main resource is intellectual. Here we agree with the fact that Ukraine, like other post-Soviet countries, is one of the main donor countries intellectual resources abroad. In our country this tendency is even called «brain drain», its causes and consequences, much has been said and written. However, this trend gives us a chance to analyze the situation with a very unexpected direction – it should only follow the latest trends in the labour market in most developed countries, and compare them with the Ukrainian realities.

So, Ukraine is still among the five leaders in educational criterion – the percentage of graduates in the total working in the state population. You vehemently criticize our education system, however, that Ukrainian specialists are in demand in many innovation clusters, which are developed by foreign countries. We don’t just export raw materials, but are also «donors» for knowledge in the innovative economies of other countries.

At the same time, the labor market in developed countries has long been a state, and not even the business processes, and innovative environment. So, the CEO of IBM Ginny, Rometty sent an open letter to newly elected President Donald Trump with a proposal to focus on the support of the extended six-year training programs in high school (usually training takes 4 years), which will replace the study at the University. We are talking about the acceleration of all processes – educational, production, creation of innovative developments. According to the CEO of IBM, in order to develop business processes and occupy top positions in the I T companies, now it is not necessary to graduate from high school: most of the necessary skills that young people can fairly quickly to the profile courses.

Another trend in the area of innovation – diffusion of knowledge and skills, which leads to a brand new at its core professions at the junction with I T the Volumes of data ( BigData ) , the rate of exchange and the optional need of the physical presence of a person in certain processes, created request for a number of new professions – I T-evangelists, cyberdetective, architects, augmented realities, web consultants in various areas (including «network doctors» in medical online services) and various «testers» I T-products.

If you combine a high educational potential of the Ukrainians, together with the latest trends on the market of innovations – a process that could stop the outflow of intellectual resources abroad, and at the same time to become a driver of domestic innovation. The issue of financing innovative environment gradually could be compensated by private investment. That is, the state, in the absence of sufficient funding, could create an attractive environment for investors, while in return the capital would have had access to innovative intellectual resources, ready to transform at the specific request of the business.

Of course, we should not forget about the other important mechanisms of stimulation of business activity that can potentially attract investors.

We are talking about deregulation, tax breaks for the sphere of innovation. For example, partial or full exemption (for a certain specified period) from income tax for companies in the innovation sector
Almost everything needed to run these changes we have: talented developers in many scientific fields, deep theoretical knowledge and understanding of the state need to get out of the crisis by creating a knowledge-based economy. What is missing? A communication platform that would bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, government, and formed the request for the final «intellectual product».