Книга Admin911: Windows 2000 Group Policy

The survival guide for system administrators! “Call on Admin911 to learn what’s going on with your network, to understand your options, and to pick the right solutions.” (David Chernicoff, Windows 2000 Magazine)

Book Info:

guide to planning, testing, rolling out, and troubleshooting the policies available for managing an enterprise network. Provides an overview of Group Policy architecture, domain and OU organization, plus tutorials in all of the problem-solving techniques administrators need. Softcover.

From the Back Cover:

Plan, design, test, roll out, and troubleshoot the policies available for managing your enterprise network with help from Admin911: Windows 2000 Group Policy. This practical and concise handbook contains all the critical information you need to solve problems quickly and keep your network running smoothly and efficiently. Learn to resolve conflicts by using the hands-on test lab — an entire enterprise complete with domains, organizational units, sites, users, and groups — which you can download at www.admin911.com. Tightly organized and easy-to-use, this resource will save you hundreds of hours of valuable problem-solving time.

* Get an overview of Group Policy architecture and domain and OU organization
* Tweak Active Directory
* Correct Security Group structures and move users from one group to another
* Regulate IntelliMirror functions — disk quotas, folder redirection, and roaming user profiles
* Set local policies for stand-alone clients
* Troubleshoot conflicts between site- and domain-level policies
* Conform PolEdit, config.pol, and Ntconfig.pol to Windows 2000 Group Policy
* Use Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT)

* TAKE COMMAND — Specific command-line utilities relating to the topic at hand
* CODE BLUE — Things to do when your system is in trouble
* BUG ALERT — common and little-known problems and pitfalls

About the Author:
Roger Jennings is a best-selling computer book author and recognized specialist in network operations and database structures.