Книга Build Your Own PC Recording Studio

Regardless of whether your taste is heavy metal, hip-hop, or classical, this book will show you how to set up, operate, and maintain a working home recording studio. Learn to choose the right equipment for your music, produce audio for the Internet or a CD, and even get construction tips for building an optimal recording environment.

From the Back Cover
Now you can make all the music you want from home using a single computer for multitrack recording, mixing, applying effects, mastering, and burning a CD. Learn to make the simple modifications necessary to convert your computer, speakers, and workspace into a home studio. Master the basics of recording audio and MIDI instruments, hardware, and software. No previous recording experience is necessary, and as long as you understand the basic workings of a computer, youтll benefit from this well-written resource. Build Your Own PC Recording Studio is a complete, illustrated step-by-step guide to the skills, tools, and peripherals youтll need to produce master-quality recordings at home.

Record, edit, mix, process, master, and burn your own CDs
Choose the right equipment for your music and audio projects
Convert your existing workspace into an acoustically optimized environment
Produce audio for the Internet
Discover cost-effective upgrades that make the most of what you already have
Get the latest coverage of music-specific hardware and software applications
Design, package, and print your own CDs

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