Книга [email protected] Episode.04. Hector Looks for a Job

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Episode 4: Hector Looks for a Job
Короткий зміст всіх 30-ти серій

Назва: [email protected] (Episode.4)
Оригінальна назва: Hector Looks for a Job
Жанр: Серіал / Навчання
Склад архіву: [email protected], 04_hector_looks_for_a_job.doc, Table of Contents (1-30).doc

Тривалість: 0:25:00
Переклад: English
Розмір: ~ 150.0 Mb
У серіалі 30 епізодів
Про фільм:
Nick is looking for a job as a stuntman and Hector decides that he should get a job too. The girls help him decide to try for a job as a waiter. Bridget invites her boss to the flat for dinner. The girls also receive a mysterious gift: a beautiful new dress for each of them. They assume that the dresses come from Bridget’s boss. He has a reputation as a womaniser so the boys decide to help at the dinner party: Nick will do the cooking and Hector will be the waiter. It will be good practice. When the boss, Howard, arrives it is clear that he has bad intentions and insults the boys. Bridget does not like this and she throws him out and then resigns. Then the girls discover that in fact the dresses were a present from Hector. However, the girls still do not realise how rich he is.

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