Книга How To Do Everything with Your Scanner

Shows how to make maximum, optimum usage of scanners and their technology. Shows how to install and optimize settings for a scanner. Also shows how to use scanners to create custom documents, using techniques such as cropping, enhancement, and more. Softcover. This text refers to the Paperback edition.

From the Back Cover

Discover all the basics about your scanner, then put it to work with help from this step-by-step resource. Author Dave Huss looks at how and why scanning works, and examines many ways you can maximize the scanner you already own. Learn to use all your scannerтs features. Explore graphic concepts including color correction, resolution, and image optimizingцplus, repair and preserve scanned documents, and more. How to Do Everything with Your Scanner is filled with projects, resources, ideas, and simple instructions to help you get the most from your scanner for home or business use.

* Set up and maintain a scanner for optimal use
* Discover the best scanner, peripherals, and applications for your needs
* Optimize hardware to achieve the best possible scans
* Organize and share files and images online
* Correct and enhance your scanned images
* Use your scanner to preserve and restore family heirlooms
* Scan photos for placement on the Web or to send through email
* Maximize home office tools such as OCR and paper document management
* Learn to use popular photo editors to maximize your scanner experience

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