Книга Professional C# 2005

Christian Nagel, et al

Professional C# 2005 prepares you to program in C#, and it provides the necessary background information on how the .NET architecture works. It provides examples of applications that use a variety of related technologies, including database access, dynamic web pages, advanced graphics, and directory access. The only requirement is that you are familiar with at least one other high-level language used on Windows — either C++, VB, or J++.
It starts with a tutorial on C# and the .NET framework. This introduction assumes no prior knowledge of .NET, but it does move rapidly, on the assumption that the reader is an experienced programmer. Once this background knowledge is established, the book starts to sweep through the vast .NET class library, showing how you can use C# to solve various tasks. This comprehensive coverage is one of the key selling points of previous versions of the book, and is maintained and enhanced with this new edition by adding new chapters on Generics, ObjectSpaces, Yukon, and Indigo. Some reference material is included either as appendices or is available to download from the Wrox website.

After the introduction and initial chapter, the book is divided into a number of sections that cover both the C# language and its application in a variety of areas. Coverage includes:
Writing Windows applications and Windows services
Writing web pages and web services with ASP.NET
Manipulating XML using C# 2005
Understanding .NET Assemblies
Using ADO.NET to access databases
Integration with COM, COM+, and Active Directory
Distributed applications with .NET Remoting
Generating graphics using C# 2005
Accessing files and the Registry, and controlling .NET security

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