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Episode 5: A Star Is Born
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Назва серіалу: [email protected] (Episode.5)
Оригінальна назва епізоду: 05 A Star is Born
Жанр: Серіал / Навчання
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Тривалість: 0:25:00
Переклад: English
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У серіалі 30 епізодів
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Nick receives a phone call to say that he has got a part in a television programme that goes out every night at 6 o’clock. He is very happy. Meanwhile Annie has been watching too many adverts and we see how things have gone wrong when she tries to recreate her favourite ads in her own kitchen. By now Hector is very interested in Annie (who of course is still interested in Nick) and decides that he wants to impress her by cooking her favourite chocolate dessert. Bridget is very disappointed as she feels she is the one who could be Hector’s girlfriend. Hector’s cooking is a success but it is interrupted at 6 o’clock when he and the girls switch on the TV to see that Nick is the new novelty weatherman on the local cable station. It is a disastrous performance, but he has attracted a huge fan club of admiring girls who have chased him from the TV studio, all the way back to the flat.