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Episode 3: Hector Has a Date
Короткий зміст всіх 30-ти серій

[email protected]_hector_has_a_date
Назва: [email protected] (Episode.2)
Оригінальна назва: 02_hector_goes_shopping
Жанр: Серіал / Навчання
Склад архіву: [email protected], 03_hector_has_a_date.doc, Table of Contents (1-30).doc

Тривалість: 0:25:00
Переклад: English
Розмір: ~ 150.0 Mb
У серіалі 30 епізодів
Про фільм:
Annie is trying to find a boyfriend on the internet but is not having much luck. Hector is exercising with a fitness video but Bridget thinks she can teach him herself, much to Nick’s annoyance. Bridget and Annie go out leaving Hector to water the plants and put on the washing machine. Hector mistakes perfume for flower spray and puts the washing machine on a very hot wash. The two boys decide to see if they can get a date on the internet. They write an exaggerated description of themselves and fake some photos. They then leave. The girls return to find that the plant has died and Hector’s red tee-shirt has turned all the washing bright pink. They are furious. Annie finds that she has hundreds of messages on the computer in response to the boys’ advert. Bridget and Annie decide to have some fun and get their own back on Hector. They delete all the messages, but then send one from themselves, setting up a date. The boys are very excited, especially as the girls have described themselves as exotic dancers. However, when they finally arrive, they are wearing dog costumes! They are dancers in ‘Woof — The Musical’. It takes a while for the boys to realise they have been tricked.

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